Someone start a tinychat

hello, how was your day??

This is not how you start a tinychat

i might be able to make it smaller if you want

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one of new jersey’s most famous confections, saltwater taffy, was invented because some asshole’s candy shop flooded and ruined all his taffy and he sold it to a child anyway and i think that pretty much says a lot about the overall cultural climate of new jersey

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the boy cries you a sweater of tears and you kill him


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Some people smoke,
others drink, and others fall in love,
each one dies from a different way.

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do you ever get your period and just think about your recent behavior like wow that explains a lot

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To love is to destroy.

The Mortal Instruments (via psych-facts)

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one time my sister was working at home depot and got called down to help handle an outrageously angry man returning a lawnmower and it was our dad

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come back home 4 years later with a bunch of pictures taped together. parents look at me in shock. COLLEGE? ohhh i thought u wanted a COLLAGE…. yeah it was a huge miscommunication on their part

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he got moneyyy!
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did i actually save or did i imagine it? better save eleven more times

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